Derby Cathedral Embroiderers present Copes to St Paul's Cathedral, Dundee

Written on 05/07/2023

Derby Cathedral Embroiderers present Copes to St Paul’s Cathedral, Dundee

The Derby Cathedral Embroidery Workshop have recently completed the Tay Copes Project and at the end of June made the trip to Dundee to present all six Copes to St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Embroiderers enjoyed the to the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral in Dundee and said their final goodbye to the six Copes that make up the ‘Tay Copes Project’.

The Copes were presented and blessed at Evensong in St Paul’s Cathedral and they will be worn at the installation of a new Dean on Sunday 27 August, and at many diocesan occasions in the future.

The Project forms part of the Copes and Frontals Project to renew and refresh the Cathedral’s textiles. The design draws on the river Tay, making a connection with the life of the river and the coast.

The Workshop has been in existence for over 50 years. Canon Leonard Childs led the workshop from the 1970s and many of the vestments designed by him are still being used at the cathedral.  Examples of Leonard’s work can also be seen at Durham Cathedral.

The current team volunteering with the Embroidery Workshop meet weekly to work on restoration/repair work such as church vestments and altar frontals.

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