Cathedral Strategy

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Key Strategies

We have a vision for the Cathedral to be a place where worship to the glory of God brings all the different aspects of the Cathedral’s mission and ministry together. We wish to give all people an opportunity to approach and respond to God in ways which connect with their lives, through the daily and weekly round of common worship and the many varied special services which take place throughout the year. We will expand our musical offering through a school and community music outreach programme to share the joys of music more widely in the local community, and we will continue to develop and maintain the Cathedral’s Choirs to the very highest level.

Liturgical Plan

We have a vision of the Cathedral being a ‘go to’ place for individuals, communities and groups to explore challenging matters. We aim to provide for the nurture of Christian faith for those who are new to Christianity and those who have worshipped for many years. We wish to offer the opportunity for all to engage with God’s vision for humanity and the place of spirituality within the life of society. We aim to be a place in the public square that reflects on what makes the common good. We give priority to growing our relationship with Derby Cathedral School and enabling children and young people to share in the Christian faith.

We have a vision to conserve the heritage and treasures of the Cathedral for current and future generations. In consultation with stakeholders and partners, we will envision a Cathedral building for the future which enhances our strengths, enables and supports income
streams, tells the many stories held within the building, and which meets the needs of the Diocese of Derby. Cathedral buildings will be fully utilised and accessible, set up to welcome all communities and groups, thereby enabling the growth and development of new audiences.

We have a vision for the Cathedral to be a good partner to the Diocese of Derby, to the city and the county to enable the flourishing and wellbeing of all. We wish to be engaged through collaborative working with all faith communities, including our ecumenical partners. We wish to develop active strategic partnerships in the public, private, voluntary, community and cultural sectors. As a prominent regional landmark, we wish to help shape the built environment of our setting, work with others towards becoming carbon neutral and contribute to the future prosperity of the Cathedral Quarter in which we are located.

We have a vision to recover and grow stronger together to build a sustainable Cathedral for future generations. We will aim to empower our staff and volunteers, encourage creativity and ensure all who participate in Cathedral life can flourish in a safe and healthy environment. We will aim to work towards carbon neutrality by 2030 by ensuring green energy is installed and used wherever possible with a strong commitment to overcome environmental challenges. Finances will be carefully managed with adequate resources to allow for sustainability and growth. We aim to do this through encouraging stewardship, an innovative and inclusive programme of events and activities, as well as strong financial scrutiny coupled with strategic fundraising.

We have a vision to be a hub for arts and culture events in the City of Derby, in order to widen engagement with the Cathedral and to generate sustainable income. We will deliver a strong and reputable music and visual arts programme which inspires and grows audiences, adds value to the cultural life of the city and enables a greater number of people to appreciate the Cathedral Church’s light and beauty.

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