Derby Cathedral Embroidery Workshop

Derby Cathedral Embroidery Workshop 

The Workshop has been in existence for over 50 years. Canon Leonard Childs led the workshop from the 1970s and many of the vestments designed by him are still being used at the cathedral.  Examples of Leonard’s work can also be seen at Durham Cathedral.

The current team volunteering with the Embroidery Workshop meet weekly to work on restoration/repair work such as church vestments and altar frontals.

Commissions to design and create new vestments

The Workshop also take on commissions to design and make up new vestments throughout the year.

A commission of six Copes and two Mantles is underway for St. Paul’s Cathedral, Dundee. The design has been created by the Workshop members and forms part of a project to renew and refresh the Cathedral’s textiles. The design draws on the river Tay, making a connection with the life of the river and the coast.

Each Tay Cope has a cloak of gold silk and a stylised hood, long and pointed like an inverted Cathedral spire.  The hoods are made of waves of colour, from deep blues and purples up through shades of blue and green and silver, each hood reflecting the way the river changes at different times and seasons.

The Copes use appliqué techniques. The waves are made of silk dupion, hand-stitched in place and overlaid with waves of netting to create movement and depth, and occasional use of beadwork to catch the light and create texture.

For further information about repairs to your church vestments, or to commission new items please contact Derby Cathedral office at  and the Workshop Co-ordinators will be happy to speak with you.


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