Turin Shroud Exhibition - A Talk by Curator Pam Moon


Turin Shroud Exhibition – A Talk by Curator Pam Moon

Pam Moon has been giving talks on the Shroud of Turin for the last 20 years and has taken life-sized replicas of the Shroud to multiple venues for the last 16 years.  These were brought from Barrie Schwortz, the official photographer of the 1978 scientific examination of the Shroud.

Her talk will first look at explaining the nature of the cloth and examine the extensive injures suffered by the Man of the Shroud.  The second half of the talk will look at the science of image creation from 1978 to current views: what creates the image?  Included within this is an explanation of some of the problems surrounding the sample chosen for the 1988 radiocarbon date.  Pam believes the Shroud of Turin is either the greatest piece of art created on earth, or it is the burial and resurrection cloth of Jesus Christ.  Come and learn about it and make up your own mind about what it is!

Time: 18:30

No booking required, free to attend.

The Turin Shroud Exhibition will be on display inside the Cathedral from Saturday 9 March until Sunday 7 April.

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