Four Hares and a Rainbow

Four Hares and a Rainbow: An exhibition of paintings by Michael Cook at Derby Cathedral

Derby Cathedral 29 May – 9th July 2023

Derby poet and writer Tina Hook died in 2012, leaving artist Michael Cook four short poems about her pilgrimage to Orkney, on the understanding that they would one day form part of an exhibition.

Four Hares and a Rainbow is the result, and consists of four large paintings by Michael Cook, as well as two pieces by lettering artist Elizabeth Forrest, with Tina’s poems also on display.

These moving and joyful works have been designed to relate to their surroundings in Derby Cathedral, as well as to Tina’s words.

Michael Cook is an artist based in Melbourne, Derbyshire and is owner of The Manger Gallery which specialises in imaginative and spiritual artwork.

Elizabeth Forrest is a Welsh-born lettering artist and papermaker who lives and works in Chesterfield.

Chrissie Hall runs courses and workshops which facilitate the writing of life stories.

There will also be a Creative Writing Workshops taking place as part of the exhibition. Whether you’re an accomplished writer, or you’ve never written anything except a shopping list before, join our relaxed, friendly creative writing workshop run by Chrissie Hall.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 21st June.

For more detail on the workshop click the links above.



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