Sinfonia Viva 40th Anniversary Concert, 7pm


Love the Darley Park Concert? You don’t need to wait until August to experience the power of this exceptional orchestra with this 40th Anniversary performance, showcasing the extraordinary sound and skill of Derbyshire’s nationally acclaimed orchestra Sinfonia Viva.

Under the direction of Bulgarian conductor Delyana Lazarova, Sinfonia Viva will take you on a musical journey from the rooftops of Derby in Raph Clarkson’s A Call from on High, to the opulence of 18th Century Vienna with Beethoven’s Romance for Violin and Orchestra No. 2. Bartok’s catchy and sprightly Romanian Folk Dances brings the burst of energy, whilst Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 is instantly recognisable from TV and film and remains one of the most beloved pieces of music ever created.

All this music, a performance from Sinfonia Viva’s choir and more, is taking place under the beautiful lights and visually stunning Peace Doves installation in Derby Cathedral, creating a stunning environment for Sinfonia Viva’s 40th Anniversary performance.

Tickets priced £10 – £20

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Sinfonia Viva 40th Anniversary Concert

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