From Pub to Pulpit


From Pub to Pulpit is a celebration of Ralph Vaughan Williams’ 150th anniversary, and includes music from Broomdasher, Coracle, and the Cathedral’s own choristers.

An acapella folk group, a classically trained instrumental trio, twenty cathedral organists and choirs, community choirs, and concert audiences will turn folk songs into hymns in a flagship nationwide tour.

From Pub to Pulpit is an imaginative and rousing concert tour that brings to life the musical journey of folk sings Vaughan Williams collected before “borrowing” the tunes for hymn arrangements in The English Hymnal he edited in 1906.

This event is also the only project that crosses the boundaries of Vaughan Williams’s work, bringing several genres together in a popular and accessible way, so is definitely not one to be missed.

The concert is at 6pm and doors open at 5.15pm

Tickets for From Pub to Pulpit can be added to the weekend Folk Festival ticket for £5.

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From Pub to Pulpit

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