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December exhibition at the Cathedral Centre

7th October 2016

In My Mind’s Eye is Sarah Sharpe’s title for her exhibition throughout December and January in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge at Derby Cathedral Centre.

After training and practicing as a nurse and a counsellor Sarah changed direction in her late thirties to pursue a lifelong interest in art, winning awards in a number of significant exhibitions. ‘I work in mediums such as intaglio etching, lithography, stitch and paint, striving to make an aspect of the human condition more tangible through image and choice of medium. I am  presently working on a project where I am using the woods as my studio for one full day a week. This practice is highly influential as my senses become more attuned to nature, the seasons and my passion for symbolic images and the internal imaginative process’.

The exhibition will open on 1st December and continue until 31st January 2017, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm, closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.