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'Light on the Sea' an exhibition from October by Jenny Aitken

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Jenny Aitken graduated in Fine Art from Aberystwyth in 1998 and worked for a time in graphic design. Her first solo exhibition was in London but then she moved to Belper where she still lives. This is the third exhibition of Jenny’s work that we have hosted at Derby Cathedral Centre. In both 2007 and 2012 Jenny exhibited her distinctive interpretations of the landscape of her adopted county, Derbyshire, but this year we will be able to enjoy sparkling evocations of her birthplace in Alderney and her regular visits to Cornwall. Jenny is constantly improving her style and has an amazing ability to depict the movement of the sea and its capacity to reflect the light of the sky.

Jenny says of her work, 'My roots are in Alderney, in the Channel Islands, and the coast is my constant inspiration. I have always been moved to paint the sea, as I find such peace in its constancy. The immense mystery of it is a comfort in our busy, bustling world.

My recent turn towards more plein air work has allowed me to explore the vibrant coastal colours, the effects of light on the sea and that briny atmosphere that photographs can't capture. I want my paintings to evoke the feel of the water, the salty air on your face; sand, stone and grasses underfoot.'

Jenny works in acrylic and oils, both plein air and in the studio, now no longer at Banks Mill but at her home in Belper. Throughout October and November you can come and enjoy a refreshing glimpse of sea and sun. The exhibition will open on 1st October and continue until 28th November, Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.

For further information contact the Exhibitions Officer, Geoff Robson, Email:


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